community news
G'day, welcome to the community news letter for Oct / Nov. I have been flat out working on the showcase video for MDUs mob farm and I am happy to say I finally got it done! What's next? Well I will be working on getting the ghast farm complete and the showcase for it shot. Just need to spend a little time on it before hand. Stay tuned for that! I would also like to send a massive thanks for everyone who has donated and their on going donations on the site & superchats, it really does help small youtubers like my self continue doing what they love.

Insanely Fast & Efficient! Minecraft Ghast Powered Mob Farm!
Yep you heard right! I have finally finished this monster of a farm, come join me as I take you through the ins and outs of this bad boy -

Surviving with Immersive Engineering
Also guys if you aren't already immersed into my Immersive (see what I did there? lol) Engineering series, it's not too late to play catch up! The link will be below! Guys if you are watching any of my content, please leave a Like, Share or even just say Hi in the comments -