World download is updated after every major project is finished
World Download link ...

Q. When do you updated the world save
A. After every major project/showcase video

Q. Can I use your farms on my server
A. Yes you can just give me credit

Q. Can I use one of your farms in my video
A. Yes you can just give me credit with a link to my channel

Q.Can we build replicas of your farms?
A. Yes

Q.Can we destroy your farms?
A. Sure if you like :(

Q.Can we modify your farms?
A. Yeah sure, just give me credit for the original design.

Q. Can we incorporate mods into your world?
A. Sure, if you want.

Q. Where are your older Farms?
A. Every Map listed here includes Every Farm Built since Episode 1. Anything else is older and not included and no world save available at all

Q. Could you please put up your test world for download?
A. No sorry, my test world is private and contains many builds which have not yet made it into videos

Q. How do I download survival world v1 - v4?
A. Survival world v1-v4 are not available for download. They are old versions and will not be released.


You may not post this world save anywhere.
You may not use this world save on any server.
You may not share this via any medium.
You may not claim credit for this, or any of my creations.


You may use this for personal use.
You may download this for your server as long as proper credit is given to it's creator in your server description.
You may use this world save for Videos as long as proper credit is given to it's creator in your video description.
You may have fun!