Welcome To Data's Minecraft Survival Fan Server!

We at www.dataless822.net wish to provide you and your friends and family a gaming environment that is suitable for all ages.  The guidelines listed below are meant to help, not detract from your individual community experience by providing a fun atmosphere for you and your friends or family.  Just one of many ways that Dataless822 wishes to give back to the community.  If you intend on giving the IP address out, just remember to provide a link to the rules for that person you have just invited play on the server with you. We do not tolerate nonsense on this server! Anyone who gets caught breaking any of the rules listed could see themself permanently banned from the server. So please think twice before breaking any of them.

Official Server Rules - Fast Run Down!

  • No Griefing
  • No Stealing
  • No Swearing
  • This server is ENGLISH ONLY in open chat. Use pm for other languages
  • No Mods that give players an unfair advantage Hacks at all fly,speed etc
  • No X ray hacks this includes x ray texture packs
  • PG rated player names, builds & skins ONLY
  • No Fishing Farms - Please Use Normal Means To Fish
  • No Anti-Afk Machines or Anything That Avoids The AFK Timer
  • No large scale redstone builds must be server friendly and MUST have an on/off switch- to reduce lag
  • No harassing players/staff
  • No asking for items, teleports, favors from staff
  • No large animal farms. (35 animals total per player, 45 for teams of 2 or more) - to reduce lag
  • No Advertising on this server
  • No Using ANY Duplication Glitches
  • Nether Roof Builds Are Allowed But NOT WITHIN 100 Blocks Of The Nether Hub
  • NO  Ban Evading
  • Be careful who you build with as that player may cheat and find them self banned with full rollback effecting you

Official Server Rules - In Full

  • Only Build With Players You Trust

Be careful who you build/base with, if your building partner ends up being caught cheating they may face a FULL rollback off the server. This means every block that player has touched or altered in anyway will be restored/removed from the server completely. So if you were their build partner, this will effect you massively. Think about it, if that player has built half your base, you might log on and find half your build missing and at first you may think you got griefed. You then need to understand even if you put in a report, moderators can NOT do anything about a banned player rollback. So again please only build with players you trust.

  • Duplication/Glitches

This is a survival server, using any kind of Duplication Glitch is seen as cheating whether it be rails or diamonds, it will all be treated the same no matter how cheap or expensive the item. Cheating is cheating! 

  • NO  Ban Evading

Using an alt account or someone elses account to log onto the server when you are banned, to try and get around your/a ban appeal, will result in a perma ban with no appeals for all accounts involved!

  • Respect All Users

You must respect all players within the Dataless822 Community staff and players alike, whether you be on the server, website or even ventrilo. We will not tolerate racism, homophobic taunts or insults of any kind, criticism of religion, bullying or any type of nasty behavior/talk towards other players. This includes another players possessions and builds and yes even community builds. We pride ourselves on being a very kind, friendly, welcoming and helpful community, so please either fit in or leave. Failure to behave in a respectful manner could see you face perma ban, it is something we take very seriously!

  • Respect All Staff Members 

All decisions made by the Data team are considered final. Please do not argue with any decision made by one of our moderators. All moderators go through Data's strict training procedures and they are all following protocol set by Data himself. When it comes to banning all final decisions come from Data, staff submit a substantial amount of evidence to Data for review and he has the final say after looking at both sides of the story and all the evidence. Arguing with a moderator could see you muted and worst case scenario banned.

  • Account Security and Sharing

As a player on the Data's Fan Server, you are responsible for the security of both your Minecraft and Data's website accounts. If another user gains access to your account by any means, you are still responsible for the actions of that account. Please make sure that your passwords are secure at all times and that you never give them out to anyone. When it comes down to it we don't punish the player, we punish the account no matter who is in control of it!

  • Advertising is not Permitted

Advertising other servers on the Data's Fan Server or Forums will result in a ban from the server and/or forums. This includes and is not limited to: sharing an IP address, website/domain, social media or YouTube channel of yours or that of another (other than that of Data) in public chat, private messaging system, or cryptic advertising eg: naming entities or placing signs etc. 

  • Do not Spam or use Excessive Capital Letters

Spam of any type is not permitted. The minimal requirement for it to be classified as spam includes, but is not limited to, the posting of same or similar messages consecutively, a repetitive number of times leaving you the person dominating the chat. Messages comprising of all or a large amount of caps is also considered spam and may be offensive to some players as it can be considered "shouting" or "aggressive" tone.

  • Inappropriate Language and/or Adult Content is STRICTLY Forbidden

Please be mindful of others when speaking in chat, we do have children playing on the Data's Fan Server along side you. Inappropriate language (swearing) will not be tolerated. This also includes text on signs and the naming of entities. Use of Inappropriate Language on the forums will cause said post/thread to either be edited to something cleaner, or for the entire post to be deleted. This also includes posting links to inappropriate content (e.g. adult content). As mentioned previously, we do have children players in the community but we also have members who choose not to swear or share/view adult content, and they should not have to view it, so please be mindful and respectful in your text and content when sharing. Failure to adhere to this will see you muted in server and/or forum chat and possibly banned.

  • Portals Near Spawn

If you live within 100 blocks of Spawn you DO NOT need a Nether Portal. Please use the Portal at your spawn on normal or amp server sides. Any portal found within that 100 block radius will be removed without warning. It causes to many problems cross linking and players end up lost or stuck in another players builds.

  • Claiming Land on Data's Server

Claiming an area of land for yourself is as simple as fencing in the area you wish to claim and placing signs at different markers around the area.
There is a MAXIMUM LIMIT of 50x50 block claims within 100 blocks of the spawn Castle, this includes both private and commuinty builds. The 50x50 limit also refers to above and below your claimed area. If you wish to build bigger than 30x30 please find an area further out from the castle and enjoy some country living. Around the Castle is a high traffic area like living in a city, so we need to be fair and not claim HUGE areas. Please remember to be courteous to your neighbors and try not to build too close them or there may be conflicts and a Moderator may ask you to move. Near defined as within reasonable distance of there property line. The Boundary around your base should also be reasonable so people don't feel like they are living on top of each other. Remember, other players do not know where your borders are only you do! So it is highly recommended you use signs and/or fences.
One more very important note: Players may NOT claim whole "RARE" biomes such as Mesa or Ice Spike etc due to them consisting of rare blocks/items it would not be fair to allow one group or player to take control of it.

  • Animal Caps

Due to the large amount of players on the server each player must be limited to around 35 friendly entities. Shared player homes can NOT have more then 45 friendly entities. No multiple shared homes are allowed to exploit the Entity Cap. If you go past your entity cap the server could cull them back without warning or notice.

  • The End / End Portals

The End will always remain the property of the entire community. As there are MANY End portals on the map we will allow players or groups to claim an End Portal, but the area must be claimed properly and clearly using signs.

The claiming of End Cities is NOT permitted. If you find an End City, we suggest looting it straight away. If you fail to do so and another player loots it before you, staff will not be responsible or replace the items you miss out on. 

Moving End Crystals into the overworld from "The End" is forbidden.  If you wish to have an end crystal for decorative purposes, there is a vanilla recipe allowing you to make one in survival.

WE DO NOT ALLOW THE DESTRUCTION OF THE END PORTAL FOR ANY REASON!!!! Players found doing this will be treated as a GRIEFER and will be punished as such!

  • Guardian Farms

Due to how guardians spawn, guardian farms must be limited to a tank size of 16x16 blocks. The guardian farm must have a splat pad for the fastest possible way to kill them. There are normally at least 5 guardian farms running on the server at once, this means up to 50 guardians have spawned per farm that's a total of 250 extra entities, which bogs down the server for other players. More and more players are making guardian farms every day, so that number will increase and these guidelines should help decrease that overall number. This rule must be enforced to ensure a smooth performing server for all players to enjoy.Guardian farms MUST NOT be used for XP farms due to the speed at which they can build up.

  • Fish Farms

Due to the amount of afk fish farms out on the internet and the inability to tell who's afking and who's not, all fish farms are not permitted on this server. You must use normal means to get fish aka go fish the normal way.

  • Community Farms / Builds

If you designate a farm / build as a Community Farm or Build, it becomes the property of the community and is subject to improvement by community. No locked chests, shulker boxes, signs or furnaces can be stored at a community farm / build. Community farms / build must be maintained by the community, staff will not replace or replant for you. Any Redstone Community builds must have an on/off toggle switch on any redstone device that would otherwise stay on once the player leaves the area. Please make sure farms are turned off when not being used to reduce server lag. When using a community farm / build, you must leave the farm in its current, or better shape than you found it. When taking items from community farm / build you must not be greedy, take only what you need, replant and restock etc.. You must NOT GRIEF a community farm, they are there for your usage only and have been built out of the kindness of the community. Please respect that. If you find a community farm that you believe has been griefed, please submit a server incident report on the Dataless forums and let staff handle it.

  • Mob Limits

The server has a mob limiter on it, if mobs build to beyond 10 mobs in a single block the server will automatically remove the excess. Because of this we ask players to please kill all mobs as they appear and not let them build up. This will help keep the server lag to a minimum and create a better gaming experience for all.

  • Iron Farms

Iron Farms: You can make an iron farm! But the villagers will count towards your entity cap. If golems start spawning around the farm instead of in it, we expect the player to kill them and not let them build up.

Iron farms MUST be built at least 100 blocks from any high traffic zones like spawn!

  • Gold Farms

Gold Farm using Portals: You can build a gold farm using the portal method but the area in which the portals will be placed must be limited to 16x16 blocks MAXIMUM. The exterior building of the farm surrounding the portals can be as large as you like. When building a portal gold farm, please make sure there are no players within 100 block radius of where you plan to build the farm. This will ensure none of your gold farm portals will cross link with any player nether portals.

Traditional Gold farms in the nether can be as large as you like, depending on any redstone used. If your gold farm design uses redstone please refer to the "Large Redstone Builds" section for further details on what is seen as server friendly redstone.

  • Claiming of Map generated Lootable areas

If you are going to claim a Desert Temple, Ocean Monument, Woodland Mansion, Nether Fortress, Igloo, Mob Spawner or Village you MUST CLEARLY mark the area with a sign/s. The sign must include your Minecraft name and your intention to claim the area. Once you have claimed your area it is important to then LOOT the site immediately! DO NOT Leave the loot expecting it to be there when you come back. Sites can be claimed for personal/community builds and or farms but the Loot can not be protected nor replaced by Moderators.

If you claim an area you need to make sure your intentions are to use that area. If your claimed area is left untouched for a period of 2 weeks, staff will remove your claim sign and the area will become public property once again.

  • Afking

Building ANY type system that bypasses the afk timer on the server, may result in a warning or perma ban.

  • Map Resets

Map resets come every 12 months and usually a warning will be given in the forums but not always. From time to time, there may be unexpected problems which may cause a nether reset or map reset without warning but these cases are very rare.

  • World Map Border Limits

To help reduce the size of the map download, players are restricted to keep within 100,000 blocks of the spawn castle. Anything past that could be subject to deletion, without warning and without the items you lost being replaced. The respective border limit in the nether, is 12,500 blocks from the nether hub.

  • Large Redstone Builds

Keeping builds small, and server friendly will keep the server running smooth for everyone. We ask you to use common sense like: do you really need that ten floor piston sugarcane farm? Do you really need that 40 long industrial furnace? Not really. Yes we all know HUGE builds are awesome and cool, we have all seen "Build Big Or Go Home", but that was a single player map, not a multiplayer server. We ask you to only build to the size you are going to NEED/USE.

  •  An on/off toggle switch is required on any redstone device that would otherwise stay on once the player leaves the area. Please make sure farms are turned off to reduce server lag when you are not online.

  • No Clocks running Constantly! Make SURE you put an ON & OFF switch for any clock you do build. If you fail to turn your clock off and log back on the server and your clock has been removed by server, you will not be refunded items. This comes down to patience. You do NOT need a double chest of items in 5 minutes. You can gradually build up items, it is much more server friendly.

  • Builds that require the use of the following Redstone powered items need to be kept to a maximum of 7 being active at once: Pistons, Industrial Furnaces, Auto Sorters, Observers, Repeaters, Dispensers, Droppers & Comparators.

  • Bud switches (Block Update Detectors) are fine in small amounts as they are more server friendly than a redstone clock. However players do NOT need to use excessive amounts, please limit yourself to 7 maximum.
  • No daylight sensors are to be used on the server. The only exceptions are if they are being used to constantly power redstone lamps or are being used in an auto cooker/harvester.

  • Please keep hopper use down as well, that would be much appreciated! This includes item elevators, we suggest players try using hopper mine carts, glass or water to move items instead.

  • No FLYING machines or anything like it, these may cause lag for other players.

    If everyone builds with the above in mind it will help keep the server running nice and smooth for everyone. Please remember that this is not single player map, it is a multiplayer server and we want everyone to enjoy their time here as much as possible.

    If you are concerned if your build fits the above criteria please feel free to consult any moderator that is online and visible. If there is no online or visible moderator, please fill out the Contact The Data Team form via Data's website and a member of staff will help you as soon as they are available.

  • Client Modifications: Aka Mods

Optifine is allowed as are MiniMaps. ANY Mod that allows you to x-ray, or gives you ANY type of advantage over other players is forbidden. If you are found to be using a forbidden mods you may face perma ban.

  • Reporting issues

If you see another player breaking rules, or notice griefing, theft, or other suspicious activity please use the Server Incident Form located on the site.

If you feel like you are being treated unfairly or are being abused/bullied in any way, Dataless822 and The Moderating Team request that you DO NOT PANIC or ENGAGE in any verbal disputes or behave in a destructive manner on the server or website. Please remember to always use the appropriate Contact Forms available to you and a member of staff will come to your aid as soon as they are available. While we understand that bullying or aggressive/insulting behavior can be distressing, we ask you to please allow us to do our job and assist you appropriately, this will ensure you yourself don't end up in trouble for swearing, greifing, stealing etc. 

  • Player Traps

Building a "Player Trap" at your BASE is allowed! However building a "Player Trap" at any location other than your base is not allowed, this includes the Nether and The End. If you are found to have broken this rule you will be subject to griefing standards and punishment.

If you have trapped your own base you must have signs clearly stating a WARNING to anyone who enters, that there are "Player Traps" within this base and they are entering against the wishes of the base owner. Therefore any loss of items incurred by the "intruder" (player) inside the base is considered fair loss and will not be replaced by Staff or The Base Owner!

  • Banned from the Server?

If you find yourself Banned from the server, please fill out the appropriate Ban Appeal Form on the site. Please note it is in your best interest to be 100% honest about your Ban, any LIES will result in an instant denial of your appeal. Please note that Dataless822 and The Moderating Team investigate your issue to the fullest extent of our abilities, and practice honesty and fair treatment for all players.

  • Non-Protected Zones

From Diamond level (16-0), staff do not protect, replace or restore any items lost within these levels, due to heavy mining traffic. Please keep your valuables / builds above level 16 and clearly labeled and locked using the Chest locking system (type /LWC into server chat for more information) especially in non-protected zones.

  • Nether Portals

Players MUST keep all the nether portals on the same Y axis which is Y:113 in the nether. This will help prevent cross linking portals with other players. If using portals to explore, please remove the unwanted portals as you go. Also please note if staff find a portal not on Y axis 113 in the Nether it will be deactivated without warning and you will be sent and in game mail telling you we have deactivate it and for you to move the portal location to the appropriate Y axis.

For those who are new or do not understand how to correctly link a portal here is a link to a tutorial on HOW TO LINK A PORTAL

  • Server Shop Region Rules & Tp

Players are able to rent a server shop at spawn for 250 Databucks per week. The tenant of the shop then has the ability to tp one way to spawn to their shop. They do this by typing /as tp shop (shop number) into their chat.The tenant also has the power to add a close friend/s or shop partner/s to their shop by typing /as addfriend (playername) into their chat. This then gives the added player the ability to use the teleport command also.The buying of a server shop to SELL the tp ability is NOT allowed on this server, your shop will be removed if we find you doing so.To sum this up the tp ability is enabled, but we expect people to be responsible and not abuse that privilege.

Also to keep FPS lag to a minimum NO ACTIVE BEACONS are allowed in spawn shops.

PLEASE NOTE: If you rent a spawn shop you MUST use it as a shop and sell items. If staff find your shop empty after 48 hours, it WILL be un rented! A minimum of 2 "Shop Chests" set up selling items is required for your shop to NOT be deemed EMPTY. Placing a personal storage chest, ender chest or crafting table WILL be classified as EMPTY and your shop will be un rented.

Shops will expire 7 days from the time you click the sign and rent your shop. If you fail to return by the time your shop expires you WILL LOOSE ALL the items in your shop as shops are now set to automatically delete, so please remember to keep an eye on the expiry of your shop. Staff will NOT be replacing your lost items.

  • Chest Shop Plugin, How to create a shop!

For those who prefer a video Tutorial here is a link to Data's very own tutorial of how to set up a shop.

For those who preffer step by step written instructions here we go:

First off place a sign on the block you wish to sell/display the item you are selling.

Top line: [buy] – other players buying from you, [sell] – other players selling to you
Second line: put whatever you like e.g. what you are selling
Third line: put whatever you like e.g. how many of the item you are selling
Bottom line: Price

Then place a chest. In that chest place the amount of items you want to sell at any one time.
For example: if you want to sell 1 diamond at a time, place one diamond in the chest. If you want to sell a stack of 64 cobblestone at a time, place a stack of 64 in the chest.

Once you have done this, take a piece of redstone and punch the chest and then punch the sign. This will connect them and the buy/sell top line of the sign will go blue. Now you can fill up the chest with all goods you want to sell.

REMEMBER that this plugin may be affected by other mods installed on your minecraft client, so if you’re having issues, remove those first and then try again.

There are also instructions on how to set up a shop at the spawn shop, Located under spawn.

  • LWC Chest Locking

LWC is a lightweight chest protection plugin that is commonly used on many servers. However, LWC is not limited to only chests. LWC will protect a wide variety of items, including Furnaces, Doors, and Signs. This guide will provide most of the basic commands on how to setup LWC protections as well as some useful commands that can be used on these protections.

Setting up Protections
In most cases, there will be no need to setup a chest or furnace protection. These are handled by the server and will automatically be protected only for you. However, if there is a need to modify the protection, here are the commands for setting up a protection.

- This command creates a private chest that only you can access.

/cpassword <password>
- This command creates a password protected chest that anyone with the password can access. This command is used in conjunction with the /cunlock <password> command to unlock the chest.

- This command creates a public chest that anyone can access, but can only be removed by yourself. This is good for community chests as only the creator of the chest can take it away.

- This command removes any protections on a chest. Chest becomes as is in Vanilla Minecraft.

- *This command requires LWC-Spout to work*
- This command creates a donation chest that anyone can contribute to, but only the owner can remove items from.

These 5 commands are used to control the level of access that players have to your LWC protections. These commands work on any items that can be protected. There are two more useful protection modification command that can be used to make a Private chest accessible to other players.

/cmodify <player>
- This command modifies a Private chest to allow access for the specified player. Multiple players can be added using this command if their names are separated by a space. Player access can also be removed by adding a - in front of the player name.

- This command spits out information about the chest protection. It will tell you what type of protection is used, who the owner is, and it’ll tell the owner who else has access to the chest if the protection was modified.

Additional Commands
LWC is not limited to just these commands however. There are a few more useful commands that can make a players life a lot easier.

- This command makes it so the last LWC command used will continue to be active. This can be useful for setting up/modifying/removing protections on a large number of chests/furnaces/whatever. Repeat the command to toggle it off.

/cdroptransfer [select:on:off]
This command is disabled on DataCraft
- This command makes it so dropping items of a players inventory will automatically store then in the specified chest. A chest must be selected with /cdroptransfer select for this to work. If the selected chest is full, then the item is placed back in the players inventory.

/cautoclose [on:off]
- This command is mainly used with doors. This command will automatically close doors after 3 seconds of being opened. Note: Iron doors protected with LWC can be opened by right-clicking the door.

/credstone [on:off]
- This command determines whether a protection will react to redstone or not. If turned off, redstone can not open the door, except for if the owner has a pressure plate attached to the door. In that case, only the owner can use the pressure plate to open the door.

  • Economy (Databucks)

The server uses an economy based system.
You can increase your balance of DataBucks in 2 ways.
1. Selling your Silk Touch mined ores or single diamonds to Data at his shop, Data's shop is the Center shop in the 4 Courtyards of the Castle where the player shops are also located.
2. By selling your items to other players or their shops.

/balance, /bal, /money: Displays the current balance of a player.
/pay <PlayerName>: Pays a specified player from your balance.

The Server Info - May take a bit for info to load