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Dataless822 <^^ IS EPIC posted Dec 6, 16
  • Verified Account?

Hey guys due to the amount of Spambots & Haters etc, that roam the internet looking to cause our community trouble and our need to keep our website as clean as possible, you now have to get your account verified on website, we are doing this in hopes of REDUCING (nothing will ever stop them completely) the amount illegitimate accounts we are seeing being made solely for the purpose of advertising or trolling the dataless822 site. If your account is NOT verified on you will be in "Read Mode" this means you wont be able to post in the forums, join live chat, see some of the drop down menus or use the "Server Help".

It is very easy to become a verified user on simply do one of the following:

These are ways you can easily get your account Verified


  • Adding your Minecraft Character to your Site Profile.

Own a Minecraft account and play on data's server? You can get your account verified easily by adding your Minecraft account to your Enjin profile page. Too add your Minecraft account CLICK HERE

  • Becoming a Donator!

This ones obviously grants instant verification to your account, thanks to the Paypal verification


  •  Become a registered user and hang around!

This one takes time, once you have registered a new account on make sure you come visit and surf daily. If you do this repeatedly, you will find your account activity will increase and this will then flag your account for approval and upgrading by one of the Data Team.

  • Become active on the forums voting, liking etc

This one is easy, with our new system you still have the ability to vote or like forum posts. If you do this, over time (few days) or even sooner depending on your activity on the forums. Our new system will flag your account for upgrade by one of the Data Team. So leave a TONNE of likes or votes and you may get Verified within hours of joining the site.

  • Fast track! Apply via this form HERE

There is a fast track form available for anyone who thinks they should be IMMEDIATELY accepted into the Dataless community. This is for people who have legitimate reasons eg: "My husband, wife, boyfriend, brother etc is already a respected and verified member of the Dataless community"and I wish to join them.
Please note these forms will be read in full by staff and we WILL be looking for confirmation on the reason you have given before we make our decision.

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