Dataless822’s Address - P.O. Box

Dataless822 <^^ IS EPIC posted Jan 15, 17

Hey there guys I have finally got a P.O BOX this means I can finally receive fan mail :) while maintaining privacy for my self and my family. I accept almost everything from Personalized letters right thought to computer hardwhere im allways running out of space haha the goal of a po box is to start doing un boxing of what fans are sending over to me to me with a new youtube channel.


PO Box 1388 Tuggeranong DC ACT Australia 2901

I WOULD LOVE to receive things like:

  • Personalized letters and post cards! just tell me if you want it read out on video or not :)
  • Fan Art and Drawings you’ve done related to me or my channel.
  • Collectibles, games, posters, just things that I can show off in un boxing videos.
  • Computer hardware like hard drives and graphics cards always welcome im always running out of space and upgrading Venom's rig with hand me downs
  • Overseas Chocolates, chips, candy, snacks etc that I can do taste test videos on
  • Toys are fine like nerfguns (nothing like shooting Venom in the face on video :P), water pistols, plush toys etc. 
  • And many other things just use your imagination :)

I WOULD NOT LIKE to receive things like:

  • I would not like to receive inapproriate/disgusting things or things that could harm me or a postal worker, or my assistants.
  • I would not like to receive perishable foods of any kind.
  • Please do not send me anything illegal or dangerous in anyway, I am not interested.

Please be sure to check with your countires laws about items that are prohibited from being sent (google search your country and prohibited mail items), before sending me anything. This is meant to be fun and I don't want me or any of my family/ fans to wind up in trouble with the law. I will also leave a link: CLICK HERE for you to view the items not allowed to be sent to Australia.